Investment in properties is one of the safest ways to invest your equity. Georgia belongs to the countries with the quickest return of invested funds. The most interesting and rapidly developing place is the Black Sea resort Batumi.

Why to invest in Georgia?

  • No property taxes.
  • Income tax on property rental is only 10%.
  • Very simple proprietorship registration procedure which will only take one hour of your time.
  • You can rent out your property through one of the popular international managing companies which will generate a monthly revenue.
  • According to the statistics gathered over the last few years Georgia belongs to 10 safest countries in world.
  • Georgia has a very low corruption index.
  • Budget airlines flights from many European cities to Kutaisi Airport.
  • Very clean environment.
  • A year-round tourist traffic. Four climate zones.
  • The highest mountains in Europe – the Caucasus.

In 2019 Georgia was visited by 9 million international tourists. The tourist traffic is growing every year by several (a dozen or so) percent.